My Son Chandan, had a polio attack when he was two years old and his hands and legs became very weak. Doctors told that it was very serious and finally they got his one hand fixed.

Keeping his one hand alone, I made sure that he could do everything by himself and be brave to do any job.

One day he came and told me that he is going to make ice stick art. AP Chandru my close friend we were childhood friends since 1982 we became friends through playing chess , carrom , cricket and where naughty .

Great to know that AP Chandru the world’s first Ice stick artist who is specially abled Congrats Chandu! You can do a lot of fancy creative things using ice sticks like wall hangings and a lot more.

I have done more than 230 things each different from one another. There is nothing you cannot do. More than 200 things can be done with this.

It is a creative job you can imagine and do a lot of things which I have proved! It is a great job he has done. He has helped me and will not expect any ones help. He thinks all by himself.

He will do everything all by himself which is truly God’s gift. Everyone needs motivation and inspiration; my brother’s kids are my inspiration.

If they hadn’t told me to do these things, I wouldn’t have done all this. The hard work is mine and the success is theirs. I think a lot at night and the next day will make something different.

Sometimes the craft would take two to three days and I make sure I completed it. All Children can do this craft work and it will help them to build up their memory and concentration.

Everything is different from one another, car, bike different kind of things can be done! I am the first in India! No one has done this work in this condition. I have done all this because of my will power and success followed.

I want to set an example to the entire world by taking more effort to get the Guinness record and win. My life’s ambition is to achieve the Guinness record and I hope the central and State government support people like us and we are ready to cross all barriers and achieve.

I want to create a plastic free world and am confident to create Tamil Nadu and be an example in India. Right from pencil box , all things I have taken efforts to do and will be paid off soon!


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